How To Replenish From Workplace Burnout: A Medical Practitioner’s Take



How to replenish from workplace burnout: a medical practitioner’s take 


The lack of autonomy at your workplace and discretion to figure out the best way to do things or be innovative at work is something that most authorities tend to ignore as a cause of mental burnout. 




The destructive competition, divisive tactics that reward talent but not everyone at your workplace,  Lack of incentives and other benefits can be toxic for you. 

You know if you can’t stand the toxic fumes and the heat in the kitchen you shouldn’t work in that environment but it’s not always easy with a job that pays your bills. So if that heat is getting too much what do you do? How

do you get stronger, healthier, get enough sleep, eat the right things, meditate yoga; well there’s tons of ideas out there. 



There’s a social insurance system for everybody who works in Sweden that if you are going out on sick leave or some

sort of disability you leave your job they pay for your salary for up to a year and a half. They put you in

treatment for whatever it is you need and after the year year-and-a-half you go back to your original job. And what they were seeing was the sharp increase in the number of people going out on

sick leave from health care. When they looked at the diagnosis it was severe clinical depression work-related only. 



Maybe you read about the thing that was happening in Japan not too many years ago where they’re talking about Karoshi; which means death from overwork; heart attack, strokes. 

We see things happening all around us and yet we are slow to act. we prioritize our healths over work only after it’s too late. Those savings in your bank account are not for your retirement plan, but probably for your hospital bills. 




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