33 Morning Affirmations to Start Every Day Right!

Focusing on having the right morning routine and starting the day off right with mental health and wellness as priorities should be an essential part of our lives. Yet I know most of us struggle (or have struggled at some point) with maintaining a mindfulness-oriented routine in the morning, especially once we enter adulthood and let ourselves be carried away with what society and workplace expectations are.

Most of us grew up with the idea that to be successful and enjoy a pleasant retirement in most lines of work, we have to give it our 110% every day all day long for many years. There was little to no discussion about how that could affect our overall wellbeing and mental health. And although we are starting to have indispensable mental health and self care/self love conversations, we very frequently forget that it all starts the moment we wake up! The right or wrong morning routine can determine how your brain and your body react to the rest of the day.

As someone who has struggled in the past with having a more balanced work/personal life, making wellness, mindfulness and mental health a priority, and still being able to succeed and achieve everything I wanted in life, I’m always searching for easier and more natural ways to help me have a great morning routine and stress-free start to the day.

Luckily, there are so many ways to do just that! Some key factors that experts always recommend to pay attention to are: having a healthy and wholesome breakfast, drinking a lot of water, teas or herbal shots, meditating etc.

So when I decided to focus more on my morning routine, I looked for ways to try and incorporate most of it without feeling overwhelmed or like I was pressuring myself into something that couldn’t be sustainable long term. By always saying my morning affirmations while enjoying a cup of tea, juice or coffee and before eating my overnight oats or yummy toast, I found a great balance between productivity and ease. This is an achievable way to set the mind right for the rest of the day without having to wake up 2 hours earlier or cramping my schedule for the day. Even during the really busy days, it doesn’t take a long time to repeat my favorite ones while still in bed. And by now, I always make a point of saying my affirmations to start the day right.

These positive morning affirmations have definitely paid off. They help me tremendously, even during the days that I feel sad, anxious, or overwhelmed.

What Are Morning Affirmations?

Morning affirmations are mantras, quotes, or phrases (either short or long) that you’ll either say, read or think to put yourself and your mind in a good and positive emotional state. One of the key meanings of the noun ‘affirmation’ is encouragement or emotional support. So the way I see it, with these morning affirmations, we ourselves are the first to put our mind in a great place, encouraging the mind to be kind with itself, provide the support needed, and hopefully remove any negatives that might appear in your thoughts during the rest of the day. Affirmations are a great way to focus on your optimistic views, take away stress, pessimism and gloom, and in a way prepare your body in order to be ready to tackle everything that the day can bring to you both mentally and physically. I believe that a strong body starts with a strong mind, and not always the other way around.

Do Morning Affirmations Work?

I believe in the power of the mind, and in saying positive affirmations to put optimistic thoughts, confident words, and great energy into the world. In my opinion, these will bring only beneficial and positive things back into your mind, your body, and your life.

And let’s not forget that the way we react to things is directly related to the content of our thoughts and our state of mind. Starting the day in the right state of mind will tremendously improve your chances of having a happy and successful day, and will leave you less prone to any outside negativity or hostility. We can’t control the outside world but we can control the way we respond to it, and we can definitely prepare our mind to be at its strongest every morning by just taking a few minutes for ourselves.

What Is A Good Daily Affirmation?

There isn’t a single good affirmation that works for everyone, or one magical phrase that makes everything perfect immediately. There are, however, many quotes, affirmations, phrases, and self-help books that you could read, write down or think about every morning before starting your day. I personally choose to say a few phrases and daily mantras that I find very motivating, uplifting and reassuring. Besides those, I am also sharing some more specific ones: morning affirmations for gratitude, morning affirmations for abundance, and even morning affirmations for success. You can always twist these phrases around, create your own, and make them work for you in each individual way!

33 Morning Affirmations For Gratitude, Abundance, Success…

  • My  mind and my body are ready to start the day. I am focused, centered and at peace.  Everything will be okay!

  • I am grateful for today, for my mind and for my body. I look forward to overcoming and thriving.

  • Today, I’m the best version of myself. I am ready to achieve my goals. A new day means a new opportunity.

  • My mind is a place for hope and positivity. I believe in myself. I’ll achieve, I’ll conquer, and I’ll succeed today.

  • Living my best and being my best is a natural state for me. My mind and my body are recharged. I’ll enjoy this day fully.

  • I’m grateful, at ease, fearless, and brave. I control my mind. I have all the power.

  • I’m thankful for this life, for this heart, for this body, and for this mind. They are worthy and they are mine.

  • Calming thoughts, self-love, optimism, and success will fill this day. I’ll create a safe space for myself today and everyday.

  • I will let every worry go. Learn from the past and focus on moving forward. My mind is strong and capable, my body is my own, and I am deserving of a good day.

  • I am thankful for this day, grateful for the new opportunities, and looking forward to excelling.

  • Worries, stress, outside and internal pressures can’t control me. I will be at peace, let go, and be kind to myself. I’m worthy of achieving my dreams and deserving of great things.

  • I love and accept this mind and this body. I will nourish and cherish them through loving thoughts, today and always.

  • I am thankful for the endless opportunities that will come my way today. I am ready. My goals are always possible.

  • I breathe, I live, and I feel myself more at ease with every breath I take. I deserve good things. Today I’ll receive the things I dream about.

  • Today is a good day. The universe is at peace with me and I’m embracing  the universe. Great things will come.

  • I choose life, love, peace, prosperity, and abundance over gloominess,  stress, worry, and apprehension.

  • My mindfulness and wellness are my priorities.

  • I will be proud of myself today. Not with disdain towards others, but with deserving self-love and self-respect. I am a beautiful being.

  • I am worthy and I am dreaming. My dreams will become a reality.

  • I choose to stop worrying, stressing, and dwelling on negativity. I am in a natural wellness state. My body deserves a good day.

  • I am healthy and capable of thanking my body with a day full of joy and accomplishments.

  • My mind and my body are ready to shine today.

  • I am in control of my mind, my emotions, and my whole self. I can always create a safe place for myself.

  • I’m confident in my abilities to succeed and achieve today.

  • Today I will choose kindness and love. I’ll be good to myself. My soul, my mind, and my body are beautiful. I will attract loving thoughts, prosperity, and success.

  • I’m enough, I’m worthy, and I heal through the power of these words. Yesterday is no longer a burden but a lesson. Today is a gift. I will receive it. Nothing can hold me back.

  • I welcome a peaceful, prosperous, and gentle day. With these breaths and these words, I relieve my body and my mind of all anxiety and stress.

  • My mind is in synchronization with the natural state of the universe. Today I’m relaxed and I will live to achieve.

  • With these thoughts and these breaths, my eyes are opening effortlessly to a world of endless mental wealth and abundance. I’ll enjoy everything that comes my way today.

  • My mind has the power to defeat my fears, to overcome my anxiety, and to erase my doubts. I can now confidently start my day. I’m confident and capable.

  • I am not defined by past mistakes. I am up and awake. No matter what, I am worthy of today.

  • I deserve life, I deserve love, I deserve peace. Today is my day!

  • I’m living, I’m learning, and I’m growing. I’m present this morning and I’ll continue to be present all throughout this day. I believe in myself.

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