An Essential Guide to Leveraging the Power of Crystals (two blogs)

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Fun facts about crystals



Selenite is a type of crystallized gypsum which is most popular and carries a record of being the largest precious stone on the earth. This largest stone was found in the Naica mine of Mexico. It is hydrated calcium sulphate and is named after the Greek goddess “Selene” which means moon. This healing crystal exhibits instinct, feminie energy, refinements, guidance, association with the spiritual world, and manifestation.

An interesting thing about selenite crystal is that it grows very slowly about equivalent to the thickness of one hair in 100 years. Did you ever think that “how long it takes to form in a crystal cave”? Well! Scholars claim that some of the crystals are 200 million years old.



Jade is a rare semiprecious stone and is highly-priced in China. It is difficult to determine the worth of jade and an interesting fact is that a taxi driver purchased the jade stone in Burma for 23 USD and sold it out for 5000 USD. The dealer then resold it for 23000 USD.

Another interesting fact is that Jade is worn to attract love. Chinese believe that placing the jade under the pillow will help experience clear dreams. It is also believed to protect from enemies, as people wear this stone while traveling to get rid of possible hazards.




Amazonite is sometimes known as “Amazon stone” because it is believed to discover in Amazon Rivers thousands of years ago. This beautiful gemstone is not so expensive, making it an ideal choice to add to jewelry and beauty products.

Amazonite is known to heal trauma or illness and is worn to resolve personal fears and bring harmony and balance to relationships. This popular gemstone is considered to be a good luck stone and is worn to achieve success in a competition, game of chance, or anything related to a financial goal.



Amber is an orange-hued transparent gem that has been used to make jewelry and other decorations. The largest piece of amber weighing 50.4 kg was possessed by Joseph Fam (Singapur).

An amber room was built in Catharine Palace of Tsarskoye Selo and was decorated with amber stones, gold leaves, and mirrors. In the 2nd world war, Army Group North of Nazi Germany looted this palace which was then reconstructed and displayed by Konigsberg.

This amazing stone has a positive energy that protects humans and exerts its beneficial effects on the psyche.



Amethyst, the deep purple stones are one of the most collected varieties of stones. It found its use in jewelry and remedy for drunkenness. This stone got its name for its property “not drunken”.

There was an interesting myth that emerged in France in the mid-1500s. Bacchus or Dionysus chased a maiden named Amethystos before she was transformed into crystal by Artemis to get away from his affection. It was believed that this stone turned purple with tears or wine by the God of wine.

Deep colored amethyst is a rare stone used to make Royal trappings like crowns or jewelry.

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is a spiritual stone protecting negative energy. It derived its name from “Turmail” a Srilankan terminology that means “yellow zircon.”

It has been used for protection and safety since ancient times. This powerful stone is effective enough to improve physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental health. It brings love and affection to your relationship and adds good luck to your life.



This yellow color stone is rare and difficult to find. It is believed to improve mood and happiness and remove anger, negative emotion, and frustration.

The name of this beautiful stone come from the French word “Citrin” meaning lemon. Ancient Chinese legend believed that citrine is a “stone of success” and should be specified to only generous people. In ancient times, emperors were used to wearing citrine jewelry to improve intellectual abilities and broaden the mind.

Black Obsidian

Black obsidian is a black-colored stone without a crystalline shape. Obsidians have been used artifacts since the beginning of mankind. It is a predominant glass used in almost every way. In addition, it is highly respected for ornamentation.

This stone eradicates negative energy that affects your decision-making, thoughts, and emotions.

Rose quartz


Rose quartz, also known as pink quartz is a translucent stone deriving its name from the Greek word “Hyal” meaning glass.

It has its mythology explaining that pink stone came to origin with Ares, the God of War, who went after Adonis, a God of magnificence and desires. It is rumored that goddess Aphrodite injured herself in an attempt to save him. Their blood gathered on the white quartz, making a wonderful pink stone.

Rose quartz has long been used to make jewelry and beauty products. it helps remove negative energy and increase love, affection, beauty, and gratitude.

First Draft

What are Crystal Benefits and How to Use Them?

Crystals have been used as an essential part of spiritual practice and day-to-day life. It is an extraordinary gift that can be used as integrative treatment in conjunction with medical services. A wide range of jewelry made from crystals reflects an individual’s sense of creativity, awareness, and individuality.

Nowadays, crystals are used in a variety of ways for practical purposes such as silicon dioxide in computer chips, ruby crystals in lasers, and liquid crystal display TV screens. People have used the crystals in everyday practices and for healing purposes for a long time. Malachite is a crystal that has been grounded to make eye shadows and jade has been mined as early as 6000 BC.

Gemstones have been used traditionally in the Ayurveda system to relieve various health conditions.

How to Choose a Crystal?

It is quite easy to get involved in the symbolism of every precious stone and directed towards finding the “ great one.” Instead of getting confused or overwhelmed, just take a couple of seconds to equate your inner guide for requesting direction. Then respect your emotions, and feel which one is better and you are attracted to.

When these gemstones are placed in the room, they naturally charge that place with energy.

 Benefits Of Crystals

Enhance Beauty

Gemstones are picking up steam in regular skincare due to the lure of luxury excellence- lovely gold, sparkling rubies, shining sapphires, and precious diamonds. The surge of customization and awareness has prompted thought consideration of ingredients used in beauty products. 

People are now becoming aware of the fact that body products that are used topically get ionized and absorbed in the body and affect overall health and wellbeing. Crystals used in beauty products not only enhance beauty but also help balance your chakras, improve mental health, upgrade moods and promote healing.

Help in Meditation

Crystals are commonly used for beauty products, but do you ever think that they possess healing properties?

Various cultures around the globe have used crystals for their healing and meditative properties to achieve a higher state of consciousness. As Boote says “The use of crystals in meditation practice can deepen your meditation, provide a focus object, and raise your consciousness and awareness of your higher self.”

Studies revealed that crystal’s healing effects are different from medicinal or natural healing.

Can Balance Your Chakras

Crystals can help your chakras and make you feel good and energized. Crystals help restore energy and make you feel energized. You need to find crystals for different chakras, rinse them before use, and place them on your chakras. Leave these crystals for 5-10 minutes and feel a boost in your chakras.

May Improve Your Physical Health

Many people claim that crystals help improve physical, mental, and spiritual health. They help reduce stress and anxiety and promote healing. Stones like Emerald and Red Hematite restore body and mind due to their vibrational and healing properties.

Crystals Used for Promoting Health

1. Selenite for Cleansing and Recharging Energy

Selenite is a translucent stone with powerful healing and cleansing properties. It is purported that selenite can remove unwanted energy from surrounding and is also used to cleanse other stones. It helps calm the mind, improve mental clarity, and bring positive energy to you, your space, and your stones.

Besides cleaning and recharging energy, selenite helps raise your spirit, clears blocked energy, acts as a space cleaner, and improves the power of manifestation.

There are various ways to use crystals, such as

Wearing the stone

Placing on chakras

Holding it while meditating

Cleansing the other crystals

2. Jade for Nurturing yourself

Jade is an astounding stone and is known as the “stone of luck and happiness.” It helps restore your spirit’s purity and nurture your manifestation on earth.

People claim that jade stone helps increase healing in a relationship and self, and brings honesty, maturity, self-love, and good luck.

You can wear this stone, place it in your room, or you can meditate with it.

3. Citrine for Delight to be Lifted

Citrine is an amazing stone of imagination, manifestation, and personal will. It is a stone of light that acts as a friendly reminder and value of the world as it is right now. This wonderful crystal encourages us to think bigger, keep positive thinking, and live our life with gratitude.

You can use this manifestation stone to wear it as jewelry, meditate with it or keep it in your surroundings.

4. Black Tourmaline for Eradicate Negative Energy

Black tourmaline has the potential to absorb negative energy and help balance the chakras. It is ideal for psychic protection and helps reduce negative energy and pessimistic thoughts yourself. Its dark color repels any negative energy and maintains a positive vibe in your surroundings.

You can place this stone in your room, kitchen, or home from where you wish to remove negative energy. You can also wear a necklace of black tourmaline to keep yourself away from negative energy.

5. Amazonite to Manifest Your Goals

Amazonite crystals, also known as “hope stone” or “trust stone” encourage you to speak with confidence and certainty. It increases the hope of the success of demonstrating your wishes and desires. Quartz is a manifestation stone that helps you speak the truth with integrity and self-assurance.

It can be used by wearing on the body, placing in-room, or meditating with it.

6. Amber to Support Mindfulness and Meditation

Amber is a golden yellow resin that protects from all types of negativity. It helps relieve tension and anxiety and alleviate depression. Ambers help calm the mind and nerves and develop an optimistic attitude on life.

You can wear it on your body or place it in your room to promote mindfulness.

7. Amethyst to Rest Deeply

Amethyst crystal is considered a spiritual stone that helps you enjoy a good sleep and sweet dreams. When placed under your pillow improves sleep quality and helps get good rest. You can keep it in your room to feel more relaxed and peaceful.

8. Rose Quartz to Increase 

your Connection to Heart and Self-love

Rose quartz is a crystal for unconditional love and balances the heart chakras. It encourages us to forgive others and ourselves. Rose quartz opens up heart chakras and brings deep healing and self-love. Wear this stone or place it near yourself to help you in your journey of self-love.

9. Black Obsidian to Heal Trauma

Black obsidian is a cleansing stone that helps remove negativity and purify the spirit by releasing emotional disturbances. This amazing stone protects the brain from anger and aggression and heals physical trauma resulting from sexual assault.

You can place the black obsidian stone near your door from where bad energy and people enter your home. You can also wear a black obsidian stone bracelet in your left hand.

Where to Place the Crystals?     

You can place your crystals in a place according to your senses like in a meditation room, at a sacred place, or at a place where you can enjoy their magical benefits.

How to Clean the Crystals?

  • Crystals are cleaned by soaking in a bowl of lukewarm water for a minute and rinsing with water. This method is adopted for hard stones like quartz.
  • For other crystals like quartz and amethyst, sea salt, rock, or table salt is added to a bowl of water, and crystals are soaked for a few hours to days. It will remove all negativity and unwanted energy from the crystals.
  • Protective stones like tourmaline are cleansed by burying them in a bowl full of brown rice for 24 hours. Brown rice helps eradicate all negative energy absorbed by crystals.
  • Some of the tumbled stones are cleansed through natural light. They are placed before nightfall and are brought back in the morning. In this way, crystals are exposed to both moon and sunlight and cleanse and recharge your stone.
  • For other crystals, fresh flower petals are added to the water, and crystals are soaked in this water to remove any negative energy.

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