Can Home Decor Affect Your Mental Health? A Guide To Decorating For Happiness


Tracie Weeks, MA for Rocky Mountains Forest Products, researched the effects of interior decor on a person’s mental health. She found out that a few simple tweaks in our interior’s aesthetics can profoundly affect our moods and mental states.

Through my years as an interior designer, I am always in awe at the effects architects and designers can have on people through their art. In hospitals, for instance, we help the patients with their emotional and mental wellbeing by creating happier and less hospital-like space by using cheerful colors and open spaces.

Who knew you could decorate your way to happiness, right! Decor trends that consider our emotions have gained popularity over the last couple of decades. We have seen the design world shift from creating somber and heavy-looking spaces to lighter and happier homes that connect deeply with our instincts.

Biophilia, Feng-Shui, modernism, human-centered approaches, and Kon Mari are a few design forms born from our focus on decorating for happiness. They remove clutter, bring in positive energy, and work on making our homes our sanctuaries.

If you are looking to give home decor for wellness a try, this article is full of help. We will be discussing a few tricks designers use to turn homes into an oasis of tranquility. So keep reading!


Design Maestros-Approved Interior Decor Tips For Better Mental Health

We took advice from several design world veterans who now advocate for home decor for happiness. Here are a few helpful tips we learned:


  1. Sunlight Is A Natural Mood Booster

Sunlight is proven to affect our emotional health positively. It produces happy hormones in our bodies that reduce anxiety and stress to keep us cheery.

Most modern design philosophies use sun-lit rooms. Feng-Shui, for instance, is a Chinese approach for including all-natural elements within a decor, including sunlight.

Similarly, nordic and modern themes also encourage wide and tall windows, transparent panels, and minimal draping. Designers recommend getting rid of everything impeding sunlight from entering your room. You can also move your furniture closer to the windows or consider installing sunroofs or glass walls in a few confines of your home.


  1. Plants Foster Happiness

The connection between home decor and mental health introduced us to biophilia. It is a design trend that shows a close affinity for plants, greenery, and botanicals.

Plants produce oxygen, an element necessary for our wellness. It stimulates our mental performance and improves our mood many times.

You can achieve a biophilic home decor by incorporating several indoor plants within your home, using shades of green on your walls, furniture, and accessories, and adding botanical prints and floral motifs.

  1. Colors That Keep You Happy

  • Did you know? Every color has a specific profile that defines how it affects our minds. The reason? Each color has a different wavelength. Hence our brains interpret them differently. Warmer colors like red, orange and yellow produce feelings of warmth, anger, and anxiety, so you should limit the use of these colors in your bedroom.
  • Cooler tones like blue, green, and purple can evoke sadness but are also serene and soothing. You can incorporate these shades somewhere you like to relax.

  1. Declutter Your Way To Happiness

We are instinctively drawn toward cleanliness and tidy spaces. In interior decor, we integrate our nature through decluttering. With several benefits and positive outcomes, getting rid of unnecessary pieces from your room has become THE MOST integral step in decorating towards mental piece.

Several studies and surveys have proven the positive effects of decluttering on our mental health. Hoarding a lot of things in your room can evoke anxiety. Also, a maximal space harbors dust and germs, resulting in more adverse effects on our bodies.

KonMari is a popular design philosophy that encourages you to remove everything you don’t genuinely love. As a result, you are only left with the things you connect to emotionally, and your house becomes a haven for your heart.

  1. Aesthetic Art To The Rescue

The kind of artwork you display in your home speaks extensively about your mental health and emotional state. We recommend getting cheerful pieces, scenes of nature, or a combination of warm and serene colors to intrigue your creativity and relax your soul.


Use Interior Decor For Mental Health To Create Happy Spaces

The modern era demands that we value our mental health more than anything in the world. Use the afore-mentioned tricks to turn your home into your safe place – somewhere your retreat after a whole day of struggle. 

Because in a world full of stress and jitters, it is the least you can do to save your mental peace. 

Happy decorating! 


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