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  • Mega Sale Copy-Forms For Gifts, Opportunities, Events & Summit: TG & Maria

    we need to explain that we want the info to send bday presents and coupons/special resources to their journey   NEWSLETTERS Check out Marvelous version for the most updated text for newsletter forms: Happiness 360 Newsletter: Find connection within our global community. Get mindfulness tips, exclusive offers, and stories from around the world delivered […]

  • Welcome Sequence – Special Edition H360 Campus Life Bulletins

    VLN HAPPINESS 360 SPECIAL EDITION BULLETIN DRIPS/BLOGS   EMAIL 1 A Subject: Let’s Start Your Journey! Confirm Your Subscription to The VLNetwork™ Special Edition Happiness 360 Campus Life Bulletin CAMPUS LIFE IS ABOUT TO BECOME EASISER TO NAVIGATE.  You’ll soon be able to receive expert tips about creating a study-life balance, special offers, and unique […]