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  • Store Sales Copy for Yoni, Soaps, and Body Butter

    Yoni Goddess Kit Yoni Herbal Steam Yoni Salt Soak “The Sacred Goddes “e-book Yoni Steam and Soak *we can sell separately or as a bundle with an ebook   Yoni Bath Steam 2oz (2-4 steams)   THE ULTIMATE YONI PAMPERING 12 HERB BLEND – ­čî┐Organic Calendula Flower ­čî┐Organic Red Rose Petals & Buds ­čî┐Organic Lemongrass […]

  • Maria & TG Launching Timelines & Assignment September 2022

    WEEK OF 9/12 Segmentation Keywords and Titles Needed: Menu refinements we discuss:   We will add FITNESS & HEALTH under wellness The STORIES blogs– are a thread that will be the blogs that mention the books we recommend The book sales copy will be concise but link to the relevant musing and STORY […]

  • COLLECTIVES Free Gift Banner Copy – CTAs

    PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT Mindfulness & Meditation Make your journey to inner peace even more rewarding. Join our community collective to claim your free gift now! Self-Care Treat yourself to something extra special. Receive a free gift when you become a part of our community collective! Healing Add light and love to your recovery path. Join our […]

  • Outline for Our Essential Oil Bundles and Kit for Store

      New Products added: About what is included in Carrier Oils (Foundations 1 & 2)     THESE ARE THE UPDATED SMUDGE KITS ┬ámini smudge kit: 1 selenite crystal, 1 rose, 1 palo santo wood, 1 regular sage ┬á3 regular sage bundles 5 Palo Santo sticks 3 Rose sage bundles deluxe smudge kit: 2 selenite […]

  • Mini-Lesson Plan: The Mindfulness & Meditation Blueprint For A Happier Life

    Feedback from TG: the benefit of this course it that we are showing how laser mindfulness and meditation practices are highly beneficial for the new learner, we are showing them how to start with the ONE technique for mindfulness and the ONE technique for meditation for the more seasoned practitioner, we are giving them structure […]

  • (no title)

    KEYNOTES     Happiness 360 Leadership Success:┬á The most essential 5 keys to leading with greater self-confidence, effectiveness, and happiness in order to create more positive, engaged, and productive workplace cultures. For booking information click here. Happiness 360 Personal Success: The 6 most effective steps to healing, cultivating & rejuvenating your best self to create […]

  • Yami , Maria & TG updated Editorial Assignments

    TEAM ASSIGNMENTS   Bloggers 16 Bulletins (what will bulletins ultimately include beyond the intro gift? Yami Traciana Writes and Records Weekly imperfect Pursuits SHORT blog on TG podcasts titles, and introductions and summaries for each episode Tea with Traciana 8 episodes H360-4-8 episodes tales in the grit art BTS :editorial team’s desk Maria monthly requests-┬á […]

  • TG Updated Workshops, Bio, Keynotes etc

      Copy from other brands in the field — thrive (still the best copy) Core pages on H360 Pages on TG Pages on h360 Meet (old version) version Speak look at ariana= so clean and simple: ┬áSing   About TG   […]

  • Product Bundle Copy – essential oil sets [to be uploaded]

    ESSENTIAL OIL SETS + SPRAY Birth Solace Essential Oil Set & Ritual Kit + Optional Room Spray Find relief during pregnancy, labor, and postpartum recovery with the calming aromas of our Birth Solace Kit. The curated blend combines the calming aromas of lavender and jasmine with the stimulating properties of peppermint and primrose to reduce […]

  • Podcast intros

    Note: is there any copy we can take from our original “about us ” copy: About Also, I think the intro line for each of the audiences in the podcast– should be the same as our copy for the intro line on each of their “start here” pages we need to clarify what 360 journey […]