Welcome, and thank you for joining the journey to Happiness 360 through our featured podcasts. If you’re wondering what Happiness 360 is all about or why it’s so important that we created a podcast just to discuss it – here’s the big deal.

About three to five years ago, I found myself struggling to figure out what was missing from the decades-long commitment I had made to create a place and path for leaders to achieve greater profits, faster progress, and deeper personal connection. I had been around the world and discovered so many fascinating stories about success and what it looked like from a global perspective. But as I continued to gather stories and learn from so many, I began to realize that many people had stories that would never reach beyond their village, town, or country. Many people had been quieted by fear or voices louder than their own. 

I wanted to expose the brilliance that was sheltered from the world, but I knew that it would be difficult for the masses to listen if they didn’t listen without fear. As a listener, there was fear of the unknown, fear of rejection, fear of blame, fear of potential accountability, and so many other reasons that certain stories would never get told.

Ultimately, I created the Fearless Listening Methodology and built platforms around curating content that helps individuals form deeper personal connections. Years of curated content, including web series, training curriculum, interviews, and podcasts like this one are all the result of listening.

My journey to discover the global voices that typically go unheard moved me to engage more in Fearless Listening. The more I listened, the more I began to unravel the truest connection between purpose, possibilities, and living. I understood what Happiness 360 was all about.

I’ll tell you really quickly what its not.

It is not a happy pill or a gimmick about how to make you feel better. It’s not about audience or judgement or living up to other stressors. It’s not even about everything positive in your life.

It’s the fuel from your inner core that drives you.  

Happiness 360 is  – The ongoing journey of understanding, acknowledging, and acting from your authentic self as you cultivate the connection between your purpose and create infinite life possibilities.

Now that’s mouthful. In fact, its so deep that it requires understanding it a little at a time to fully grasp its importance. After all, this wasn’t an overnight discovery. My Happiness 360 journey began after many years of searching, and now, as it still grows, expands, and develops, I want to share with you how your Happiness 360 can impact your purpose, possibilities, and living in the most significant journey you could ever imagine.

For now, tune in, learn more and discover what Happiness 360 is all about. You’ll enjoy content from our globally-celebrated and featured guests as they enlighten you, one podcast at a time on how Happiness 360 impacts living, purpose, and possibilities.



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