How to Write Happiness 360




    1. The product lines
      1. sleep
      2. healing
      3. meditation
      4. grieve
      5. remove negative energy
      6. restore positive energy
      7. Birth/Rebirth
      8. Self-Love
    2. the types of tools and events and product line outcomes:
      1. attending events where you belong
      2. healing gatherings
      3. sound healing
      4. essential oil
      5. personal perfume oils
      6. fabric
      7. meditation
      8. self-care
      9. affirmations
      10. journaling
      11. visualizations
      12. rituals
      13. acts of kindness
    3. and/or the specific avatar + the problem you will be address
      1. college student
      2. a working professional in their own personal or professional life
      3. a leader needing to better equip their team
      4. an expecting mom/dad
      5. a mom giving birth
      6. a new mom/dad
      7. a toddler
      8. parents who have had a miscarriage
      9. parents who have just had a baby with special needs

How to Write A Happiness 360 Micro Blog:

Link to topics/blogs being written or to be written:


  • bloggers are their blog topic and titles. They can suggest how they would like to refine the title if appropriate.
  • blogs are 350-500 words
  • tone
    • uplifting
    • elevated language (but not academic)
    • inspiring
    • elegant
    • kind
    • enlightening
    • inclusive
    • worldly

foundations of formatting:

    • subheading
    • paragraphs not too long
    • the structure is the same
    • nothing is too long or wordy

How To Write the Title

  1. One specific outcome
  2. The title must state: 3 Keys  (new moms) to sleep better during a break up to find love again
    1. the number of tips
    2. the problem it is address
    3. the solution blog offers
    4. and benefit (optional)
    5. the country/tradition it is inspired by
    6. the audience

How to Outline the Blog

  1. be clear on the audience is and their pain point
  2. add 1-2 scientifically-backed facts– cite your sources
  3. be sure to add relevant statistics- cite your sources
  4. add a quote and or tradition from another culture where
  5. Format
    1. introduction what is the problem and why is it important
    2. what is the solution
    3. how is the solution inspired and/or has something in common with a tradition somewhere
    4. what are the benefits of the solution being shared
    5. how can the reader achieve the goal in 3-5 steps
    6. a conclusion
    7. suggest additional blogs and products that help this avatar and/or problem
      1. be sure to tag which key theme/line this blog targets– (from our products, avatar, and/or event)
      2. be sure to add other blogs from this series/topic


  • ONCE THE TITLE/AND OUTLINE OF THE BLOG have been approved by Traciana– then submit the first draft and subsequent blogs based on feedback until a blog is approved as final



  • Create Social Media/Marketing Assets
    • 3 social media memes and captions (for, IG, Twitter, FB)
      • a quote
      • a statistics
      • a how to
      • a call to action discussion topic for the user to engage in the conversation in the comment section of each blog
      • an infographic: content for Pinterest meme
  • TG and Shehanid will link the recommended training/events/products
  • Summary blurb to announce the blog in a newsletter

  • Tag The Blogs: To be done after the blog is finalized
    • use the tagging style guide


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