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Traciana Graves’ Fearless Listening ™ Methodologies are incredible [methodologies] doing powerful work [because] I can’t say enough about how important it is to end the muting of people and shutting down people’s vitality, confidence and dreams. We so deeply need to live in a different type of world where people live in vulnerability, openness, and kindness. I am just so proud that One Billion Rising joined with Traciana’s Fearless Listening ™ [Methodologies}  create initiatives that do this work.”-

Eve Ensler, author of The Vagina Monologues,  and creator of One Billion Rising, and Founder of The City of Joy




Fearless Listening Is a global and holistic methodology designed to nourish your Happiness 360  journey in order to achieve  greater personal and professional success.

 Overview: The Fearless Listening ™  Methodology  

Through Fearless Listening we are able to develop personal and professional lives that serve and connect to your full self that leads to greater happiness, success, and fulfillment in each part of your daily life.  

Some of the  Fearless Listening professional benefits include enhancing:

  • Authentic Leadership
  • Teams and cultures 
  • Innovation
  • Performance


Some of the  Fearless Listening personal success benefits include developing:

  • Our living wellness
  • Goal setting
  • Active wellness which includes stress and sleep

The Story 

Based on twenty years of research, study, and work, the Fearless Listening ™  methodologies focus on helping individuals to develop and embody the most profound elements of what makes us uniquely designed for each of our purposes. 

Fearless Listening TM leverages Traciana’s practical experiences with the research she achieved during her academic tenure at the Sorbonne, Georgetown University, and New York University. Along the way, she discovered how to best leverage practical experiences with the research accomplished during her academic tenure at the three prestigious institutions. 

Traciana and her team have been able to share this work throughout the country with fortune 500 companies, the WNBA, and hundreds of higher education institutions to lead other visionary leaders to create meaningful change in their lives, startup companies, or corporations.



Fearless Listening has three  foundations that give Visionaries the  generationally tested tools that are essential  to help them  harness the typically unharnessed possibilities and  purpose necessary for leadership success. These foundations are:

These foundations utilize Fearless Listening Inner and Outer Experiences

  •  Fearless Listening  Outer  Experiences harness the benefits of leveraging targeted cutting edge best practices in order to tap into the movements, concepts, and trends that help shape future success for all organizations and enterprises.

 Fearless Listening has three  foundations that give Visionaries the  generationally tested tools that are essential  to help them  harness the typically unharnessed possibilities and  purpose necessary for leadership success. These foundations are:



How All Three Foundations tie into Happiness 360 Fearless Listening Methodology 

Fearless Listening has three foundations that give Visionaries the generationally tested tools that are essential to help them harness the typically unharnessed possibilities and purpose necessary for leadership and personal success. Each of these foundations leverages the  One Sound On Technique which includes the use of voice, breath, and sound in order to create a fearless listening community and to embody fearless listening.

These foundations are:


Foundation I  is Say Something Beautiful  Which  Includes Human & Emotional Intelligence

  • Emotional Intelligence: Nourish the traditionally defined benchmarks of emotional intelligence (EQ), which include:
    • Empathy
    • Self-reflection
    •  Self-awareness
    •  Self-regulation
    • One Sound  On Emotional Intelligence technique
  • Spiritual Intelligence: connecting to a Higher Power (whatever you identify this connection to source to be) in order to nurture your:
    • Mindful wellness
    • Heart-Centered wellness
    •  Spiritual Wellness
    • One Sound On Spiritual Intelligence technique


Foundation II is Nourish which includes Human Intelligence and Generational Intelligence:

  • Human Intelligence Leverage and honor the knowledge gained from the Global Human Experience in order to fuel  our personal and professional  lives through
    • Mental health
    • Emotional health
    • Physical health
    • One Sound On Human Intelligence technique
  • Generational Intelligence knowledge that is passed down through generations both tangibly and in our person such as:
    •  Rituals,
    • Traditions,
    • Formed ideas,
    •  Traumas and triumphs
    • One Sound On Generational Intelligence technique


Foundation III is Fearless Listening Practices which includes Practical Intelligence that is the culmination of all of the intelligence put together in an actionable format.

    •  Proven concepts and blueprints for living and performance success.
    • One Sound On Generational Intelligence technique
  • It is the culmination of all of the Fearless Listening intelligence put into motion that becomes purpose and possibilities.


 Fearless Listening Inner & Outer Experiences


  •  Fearless Listening Inner Experiences- tap into the deep work necessary to cultivate the inner core aspects of our whole selves. When we are aligned with our inner core, we are able to connect to our hidden potential that provides unprecedented levels of leadership, inspiration, and innovation, that allows us to flow with effortless ease while experiencing ongoing happiness.



How Fearless Listening ™  Works


Furthermore Fearless Listening TM is enhanced as it branches into five  primary focus areas to include:


  • The Fearless Listening ™  Wellness Living, provides an opportunity for individuals to  learn how to apply the pillars of our methodology to create guidance and mentorship, where they may traditionally lack support. This work offers both coaching and training for self- coaching which is customized to afford personal transformation.

  • The Fearless Listening™ Leadership Methodology  developed  to support top executives, and other leaders at large  and scaling high network enterprises enhance their ability to be happy, empathetic, and aware of driving forces that lead to employee, stakeholder and customer satisfaction. In doing so this methodology builds culture that transcends the common “diverse and team-oriented” culture with a stronger, deeper, fearless listening culture.
    • Productivity
    • Leadership Effectiveness
    • Communication


  • The  Fearless Listening™ Creativity Methodology created to offer strategies, tools, and formulas that facilitate creativity. In doing so, this  work acts as a catalyst to  unlock deeper connections to creative expression, artist purpose, and professional creative success, to build the artist’s mission and cult following.  


  • The Fearless Listening ™ Startup Methodology  designed to strengthen the core  inner beliefs and  targeted entrepreneurial best practices that drive the start-up company to launch its new endeavor and to create a sustainable cult following.



  • The Fearless Listening ™Campus Cultures & Leadership Methodology integrates Fearless Listening Leadership TM into the university culture will result in Building a Fearless Listening College Campus.There is an urgent need for guidance in creating college campus cultures that are fearless, and that listen deeply to what is being said that in the past had not been heard.The campus culture is capable of creating unity amongst all stakeholders in order to create  innovation, along with inspired, safe, and engaged students and faculty.


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