File Naming Convention (FNC)

his is the clean /color-coded version of the post below:VLNetwork FNC outline

  1. Date
  • YYYY-MM-DD (use hyphen to separate. All other separations of categories use underscore)
  1. Series
  • 3 capital letter abbreviations for series 
  • Tea with Traciana – TWT
  1. Guest
  • First Letter of first name Cap.
  • First 3 letters of last name with the first letter Cap.
  • Alex Hartz – AHar
  1. Language 
  • First 2 letters of Language (lowercase), which we will designate as needed
  • English- en
  1. Raw 
  • used only on entry into server, any changes will render file no longer Raw
  • Lowercase- raw
  1. File type –
  • Capital letter for type, 2 digits for multiple files from same Guest, episode,  Language etc. Up to 99 files should be more than enough but expand to 3 digits if need be
  • A00- audio, V00- video, P00- photo


Ex: 2021-JUL-24_TWT_AHar_en_raw_A01.wav


  • Once file gets altered in anyway, it then gets renamed according to what has been done to it


  2. Add in season and episode so team can identify files in the workflow accordingly 
  • s for season and 2 digits
  • e for episode and 2 digits
  • lowercase
  • s01_e12


Ex: 2021-07-24_TWT_AHar_en_s01_e12_A01.wav


  • Once file has reached completion and is approved for release, add final (lowercase) to the name AFTER file type, with 2 digits for version # in case of revisions and alterations
  • final01


Ex: 2021-07-24_TWT_AHar_en_s01_e12_A01_final01.wav


****Things to consider *******


  1. Use underscore to separate all categories 
  2. All abbreviations used once are used forever.  We will have a legend to identify all abbreviations for quick reference 
  3. System needs to be expandable for all categories, so the legend will have established criteria for adding new elements that we all agree upon
  4. The purpose of this is to make this easy to identify, sort, and manage so if there are any unnecessary, or missing categories let’s brainstorm together to make sure all basis will be covered
  5. Each of the file types ( A, V, P) have many formats ( .wave, .mp3, .aiff, etc.) Whatever extension that is on the raw file MUST NOT BE CHANGED!!!!! Unless the file is converted into a different format
  6. Once the files leave the server they can be named whatever you choose for the purpose. This naming system is specifically for the server. So for example, if we put a file on buzzsprout, if need be we can change the name ONCE THE FILE IS UPLOADED ON BUZZSPROUT, into Tea With Traciana Ft. Alex Hartz. But only when it is outside of the server 


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