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Mock-Up All Types of UX and Store Offers:




Spreadsheet with the detailed inventory of store offers:

Visual StyleScape


Label Sizes:




Video call #1



    • social media templates
    • introducing the brand Happiness 360: the purpose, the logic of creating this brand
    • the logo: the idea, the logic, the variations the logo can have, how the logo can be used, (the letter form and/or the icon)
      • inclusivity, global, all races, cultures, ages, gender
      • people come to the store to connect with the world
    • the fonts
      • the t is called “drugs” is used for headlines and “fire sans extra-condensed”
    • ┬ácolors:
        • never use black
        • never darker than grey #333c”
        • you can go lighter
        • mostly white
        • you can use color only as needed– to distinguish something OR if you are co-branding with one of our other brands and/or other brands.
        • colors can hold the same line (digital and physical products and labels)
    • Icons
      • thin lines in dark grey
    • Graphics
      • thin lines, abstract,
    • Social media template
      • really in mostly white and grey
      • there is the color added to show a specific type of theme event
      • clean and minimal photos, black and white

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