Jaquina 2022 Timelines & Requests

End of this week– next week (Feb 25-March 8th) 2022

    • finalize sales copy for items in-store– per our call

March 8-24 2022

    • finalize the short sales blogs (per our call)
    • refine the Culturs podcasts and Tea with Traciana podcasts  titles (which build on the sales blogs)

March 24-April 15th (ish) 2022

    • Let us make a CAMPUS version for the binder/training outline– repurposing the key sections from other avatar binder outlines
    • review all of the assets I have aggregated for the Fearless Listening Methodologies– perhaps you will want to make notes on how the development of the other binders can be developed as you see how I have organized everything: https://www.achatwithstars.com/1703-2/
    • work on revisions for  the 2-day binder for leadership which include updates for the training and then the creation of the supporting assets needed (checklists, discussion prompts, etc)– which will be outlined on the documents
    • Free Gift and Supplemental Mini-Course- (which will be extracted from the leadership binder) –
      • One for leadership
      • One on wellness– (flow or meditation)
      • One on Diverse Teams
      • One on unlocking the potential of team members
    • I am available for ongoing feedback via document sharing

April 15-May 1st 2022

    • development of personal development training binders (first draft)
    • we can make an aggregated version for CAMPUS by cloning sections from each avatar binder that we will know will be a good fit

May 1- May 22 2022

  • development of Team and Culture  training binders (first draft)
  • Diversity and Inclusion Binder will clone key concepts from team and culture and make notes on how the content needs to be further developed/expanded upon
  • we can make an aggregated version for CAMPUS by cloning sections from each avatar binder that we will know will be a good fit

May  22- July 2022

    • refinements of blog interviews per the workflow and style guide (we can tag these interviews and determine which make for case studies for binders and books)

August  and September  2022- 

  • the second draft of binders for each avatar
  • development of 1 day, half-day, 90-minute training versions from the binders for each avatar
  • 1 st draft of turning binders into books

October-Jan (ongoing)  2022

      • continued refinements  of binders, keynotes, workshops, book bundles

October  2022

      • we will finally be ready. for SALES and we can discuss how to scale and create our train the train the trainers and grow team etc….



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