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A Note From Founder  of  The VLNetwork& One Sound One Technique  TG




I believe we are all connected by breath. And through breath, music is our human ability to focus our intentions through sound vibration in order to build our empathy and create social connection.   One Sound On is a technique I have developed, based on music psychology that creates Fearless Listening Community and Embodiments through song, music, story share,  and vibration. Music is pleasurable and plays a key role in our well-being, both mental and physical.    Furthermore, in a study, music changes our brain circuits- to be able to build empathy, trust, and cooperation. This is why music is prevalent in every culture in the world. In order to create music, whether listening or making it, you need to be actively engaged in these skills. Music has been shown to create oxycontin in your brain. A study has been shown if you see images and stories while listening to music it music like food creates cultural cohesion, you can build a community out of music.


Through guided vocal connection, meditation, song, sound, and story share, One Sound On transcends language and our own barriers thereby invoking our core connections. You can leverage this technique to transform the environment and cultures around you and yourself.  One Sound On harnesses the power of community which we make available in our

    • One Sound On Townhall Experiences
    • One  Sound On Summits
    • One Sound On Keynotes & Workshops
    • One Sound On In Concert


My Personal Core Manifesto

I have seen, practiced, and facilitated the “power of voice” which can shape a person, a community, and culture. I believe that it is essential to cultivate opportunities for One Sound On daily in order to embody the most profound elements of what makes us remarkably designed to fulfill both our individual purpose and professional endeavors. This is my philosophy, mission, and purpose that is the cornerstone of every action I take. The One Sound On technique is the unique venture between Fearless Listening and the power of voice, breath, story share, and sound in order to to create powerful shifts in their personal narrative and interpersonal collaboration.  (Jaquina please clarify— specifically -why is this so different from everybody else)


How I Have Fulfilled My Quest

Voted by the Huffington Post as one of “America’s Most Fearless Women,” for the work I  have done with fortune 500 companies, the WNBA, hundreds of higher education institutions, shelters, and prisons, I have had the opportunity to share my expertise as a leadership strategist, workforce development consultant and potent coach.  My insights are regularly featured on national media outlets. I have also fulfilled my quest as an internationally acclaimed vocalist (former background vocalist for Celine Dion and six-time Grammy award-winners Steel Pulse), a motivational speaker, and a digital activist.


My Bonafides

The One Sound Technique and My Fearless Listening ™ Methodology leverage my practical experiences with the research I achieved during my academic tenure at the SorbonneGeorgetown University, and New York University.








Our One Sound On Townhall Experiences & Events, offered in both in-person and virtual gatherings, allow our global community the opportunity to meet their immediate, and connectivity needs. All of our personal development experiences and events are geared towards personal realization for your happiness 360 journeys on all levels. We focus more pointedly on exploring the untapped potential and greater mindfulness while stressing the importance of self-awareness. Our One Sound On Experiences and Events also draw emphasis to helping individuals realize, develop and draw from their full selves.  VLN embraces a connection with you.


Our One Sound On Experiences and Events leverage our Fearless Listening Methodology and One Sound On Technique. They feature visionaries who share candid, disruptive conversations for vanguard insights and resources. Our One Sound On Townhall Experiences & Eventsfollow The VLNetwork editorial calendar which curates Happiness 360 conversations.  The diversity in our event types allows attendees to engage in methods that resonate best with their preferred style of communicating and building connections.



Our One Sound On Experiences and Events include:



  • Customized  webinars
  • At-home summits
  • Townhalls experiences


For information about our virtual gatherings and summits click here.




In-Person One Sound On gatherings are available in Townhall Experiences, Healing Events, and Retreats. They provide:

  • Handpicked discussion topics, curated from our, One Sound On Townhall Experience Calendar,  specifically your organization, group, and institutions to meet your goals
  • Holistic community and profound networking opportunities
  • Interactive audience-driven discussion
  • Guided Sound Healing, Meditation, and Story Share


To bring A One Sound On Townhall Experience to your company or organization click here.

For information about our in-person gatherings click here.



One Sound On TG in Concert features:

  • Features Traciana Graves in concert in acoustic or band formation
  • Healing through Sound





One Sound On, which provides guided vocal connection, meditation, song, sound, and story share, is a technique that Traciana developed in order to tap into the power of community that is available to attendees during keynotes and workshops.   

Traciana’s keynotes and workshops leverage the One Sound On is a technique that Traciana has developed, in order to create Fearless Listening Community and Embodiment. During One Sound On keynotes and workshops intensives, which are customized to cater to leadership, team, and personal development, Traciana deftly guides participants, in real-time, to create powerful shifts in their personal narrative and interpersonal collaboration. Whether for work performance or personal living these powerful keynotes and workshop intensives facilitate a stronger,  more inclusive workplace and personal culture. (Jaquina please clarify— specifically -why is this so different from everybody else)



One Sound On Keynotes are customized to feature:

  • Guided Sound and Story Share that meets the specific goals of your company, institution, association, conferences, and group gathering
  • An opportunity for attendees to cultivate greater cultural competency and respect is essential for highly engaged teams.
  • Experiential activities that help the audience to develop community for deeper connection, collaboration, and networking.


For Leadership and Team Performance Keynotes  Click Here  (links to the TG KEYNOTES PERFORMANCE)

For Personal development and keynotes Here (links to the TG KEYNOTES LIVING)




One Sound On Workshop Intensives can vary in length from a half-day to 3- 5 days 

  • Can be customized for your company’s specific needs to work in tandem with Traciana Graves’ Fearless Listening Leadership Cultures or Fearless Listening Personal Success Methodologies as well as your group or audience’s personal goals.
  • Afford leaders and their team members with a heightened understanding of how inclusive cultures benefit the productivity and innovation of every team.
  • Provides critical opportunities to create a long-lasting and authentic connection


For Leadership and Team Performance Workshop, Intensives Click Here  (links to the TG KEYNOTES & WORKSHOP PERFORMANCE)

For Personal Development, Healing  Workshop Intensives Click Here (links to the TG KEYNOTES & WORKSHOPS  LIVING)




  • We are currently developing and will share details soon.




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