Prerna Phase 3 Requests








  • WHAT WE ARE  SELLING— ALL OF OUR CONTENT on all of our sites — is designed to guide the user to buy on our SHOP:
      • Events
        • Summits
        • Virtual and in-person events
        • Retreats
        • Workshops
      • Original Products From Our Warehouse
        • Products and Ritual Kits
        • Clothing
        • Music
        • Body care
        • food
        • home decor
      • External Products
      • TG Keynotes and Concerts
      • Training and VLN Consulting
      • Learn Dash Courses (we will eventually need an app for this user experience when we have enough students– Buddypress has a functionality to create an app for our students once we get enough students:
      • VLN consulting services


  • Every single piece of content on TG or the BIG VLN should take the user to the SHOP store where they will see the training, keynotes, products, and consulting services we are offering– this is why we hope the user will see the URLs as follows:
    • (eventually, BIG VLN when it goes live will have the URL
  • How the user is guided to the SHOP from TG AND VLN sites
      •  all of the sales copy and information about TG and VLN services is very short copy that has hyperlinks to where the FULL write up about those services are found on SHOP
      • When the user is interested in more information about our services, training, and keynotes– the user is prompted to fill out a form that generates a workflow and allows us to tag that user
      • when the user is signing up for the newsletter or eventually the free gifts that will be tagged so we create a CRM profile them– it is so that we can recommend additional products and training from the SHOP
      • when the user is viewing a blog on TG or BIG VLN we will always recommend products and training they can buy on the SHOP
      • When the user buys a course from the SHOP they will then get the log information for the course. I Believe Suman Sir said the actual courses should still be on the BIG VLN site.
  • How the USER is guided to invest in our offerings:
    • For our products, the user is always guided to purchase a 7 day or 30-day “ritual kit” where they get customized daily– emails and text that support the user in the goal of the product they are purchasing. For example. We will hundreds of these rituals offerings– as this is really what we are selling in our store.
      • Our Happiness Candle is $55
      • Our Happiness 7 Day Candle Ritual Kit is $85– the user gets a welcome email and download, a daily morning email, and a daily evening text
      • Our Happiness 30 Day Candle Ritual Kit is $125
      • Eventually, we will have a SIX-month ritual kit they can sign up for once they complete the first 30-day kit
      • Buy One and Give one– the user can do the above– and give one of these to someone with a customized note so the user gets a personalized message from the person who gave them the kit
  • Our Events User Experience:
    • I have heard that EVENTS CALENDAR is a better plugin to tie into everything we will be doing:
    • We will also be selling our virtual and in-person events from our store — and when the user is buying a ticket or signing up for a free event– they will be tagged in our CRM -where we can then sell them products and training
    • Once the user has signed up for events we will be guiding them on which products and rituals are good support for them to buy– before and after the event
    • The user can put a deposit down for certain big courses and events — that will be launching once there are enough students who have subscribed–once enough students have enrolled we will email them to let them know they pay the balance or get a refund if they are not available to start the event


  • Free Gifts:
    • On TG and VLN we will have offers for our Free Gifts (which we tag the user for and add them to our CRM)- as the user decides to sign up for free gifts they will be directed to the STORE where they complete their sign up for the free gift. As soon as they sign up for a free gift they will also see the paid upsell assets they can pay to supplement their free gift.
  • CRM
    • If we are not using ACTIVE CAMPAIGN to start with– we can use the DUBSADO plugin I have — to capture sales leads and inquiries for bookings
  • Landing Pages
    • We will need to create LANDING pages and funnels– eventually for the long sales pages for our summits. We already have a template set up in BIG VLN for the creation of these sales landing pages. Are able to eventually clone this template?








Can we put up a log in wall- so that our content is not visible to anyone who does not have permission to see?




SHOP-functionality of customer:



  • Plan for the user to get their subscribed daily texts/emails
    • CRM?
    • When do we and how do we know the user has their products — so the subscription can start
    • How do we set this up
  • Save your seat- for events- put down a deposit
  • CRM for each customer profile– how do we achieve this if we are using Mailchimp?
  • Using two different newsletter accounts– one for SHOP and one for TG
  • Dubsado for Booking ( i have the forms created and they can be embedded into the WordPress store)
  • Buy one give one– how does the user send a love note to the person they are gifting this too




    • Free Gift– that tags them on the type of gift they are signing up for
    • The free gifts that are added to the store (which are hyperlinked to each
    • how can we have the “BUY ONE- GIVE ONE” offer for each product?
    • Hidden page for the upsell training that the user can pay for (we want this to be on Learn Dash– but if learn dash is on BIG VLN we will need a temporary solution to last us until the summer
      • For the events  and summits–  so we can have the user text message and the ability to make a deposit on courses that are not launched
    • Set Up Set up our email drips fully on Active CAMPAIGN AND THE UPSELL FOR THE PAID SUPPLEMENT TO EACH GIFT



  • THE OTHER SOLUTION:   EMAIL ON TG (we could just offer the free gift on TG which takes them to store ) and only make the newsletter available SHOP.
  • Add the functionality for our new email provider which is: Mailchimp
  • Later on we can upgrade to Active campaign:
    • For now, the call to action text  under the header on every page  should be “Sign up for the Traciana Graves’ Happiness 360 newsletter to get stories from around the world” –should open up the newsletter form
    • Set up for newsletters
    • All CONTACT US buttons are meant to be hyperlinked to the BOOKING section- which will pop open on the SHOP. There will be a form that we can create using
    • Set up for there to be a form that the user can link to fill out an inquiry– this will allow us to add them to our CRM
  • to the TG and SHOP SITE Add the following plugins
    • Yoast
    • Option for Translations
    • Facebook comments on blogs (the same that we asked you to add to VLN blogs)–
      • Please add to the blog functionality on TG
      • Please add to the blog functionality on Shop
  • I will add the correct text for all of the TG and VLN pages– and then if on your side the text can be formatted more nicely that would be great
  • We will need to take down the old TG site
  • the call to action button underneath the header  on each of the TG  pages will  lead to a  different–gift each offer will take the user to the offer on the store where they can sign up and also be tagged in our CRM on NOTES
  • Hyperlinks and Urls for pages and sub tabs
    • Each section on every page will need an anchor url– and some will even get domain masking
      •  I will provide an excel sheet
    • Each subtab on every page will link an anchor link


      • Please note that the UX for the subtabs on each page — lead to an anchor section (that is listed already on each page.  The subtabs that don’t have a section on a page are meant to link to a corresponding page on the TG site
      • All videos tabs will link to a playlist on youtube
      • Hyperlink all footers and tabs
      • We will need to make the bio and the capability statement downloadable



Add six pages as mocked up:

  • Blogs- see mock up
  • Advertise–  see mock up
  • Podcasts- see mock up
  • Videos – mock up
  • Guest page see mock up
  • Home page as mocked up: 
      • This HOME page will now get the URL (I can share the video we will be using that will loop in the background–and when the user hovers over each of the four options
        • Founder TG will be hyperlinked to TG HOME page
        • VLN will be hyperlinked to the ABOUT VLN on the TG site
        • Shop Happiness 360 to the store
        • Happiness 360– it will be hyperlinked to the Happiness 360 subtab on the brand page on TG


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