Scaled Back Chapter Summary and Description Campus 1st Draft : Jaquina

SUMMARY 4 FOR CONTENT BELOW – Fearless Listening: Campus

Happiness 360 Fearless Listening Campus details the ever-changing experiences that higher education institutions and the global community are facing.  The content leverages tested methodology with clear foundations and microsteps to help future-proof institutions. Under the framework, learners are presented with two parts: Part I: Possibilities and Part II: Purpose. Both sections offer learning objectives and outcomes tied to Fearless Listening: Campus.




During these exceptional times higher education institutions and the global community are going through ever-changing and unprecedented experiences. In order for institutions to support and develop its students and faculty in this climate they need to provide interactive leadership and service based training. Traciana Graves’ Fearless Listening Campus leverages tested methodology with clear foundations and microsteps to help future-proof institutions. The Fearless Listening College Community must be determined to nurture the wellness and well being of their individual students while taking concrete measures to  collectively create unity, the ability to be heard, and to creatively come together to broker change that is needed.




  • The Fearless Listening Campus Methodology helps students and the stakeholders who support them  to develop their  inner core which  is the most powerful mechanism that impacts every facet of their 360 journey to achieve happiness and self-discovery.


  • The Fearless Listening Methodology  facilitates your  ability to create otherwise inaccessible new possibilities for living the life of your personal and professional best self for greater happiness. In doing so we nourish greater:
    • Personal Wellness: mental health,  greater sense of belonging, personal relationships
    • Professional Wellness:  academic success, leadership development, stress and burnout
    • Student life experience to fortify: diversity and inclusion  civility, enhanced engagement on campuses.



  • Your Happiness 360: Fearless Listening Campus Journey allows you to  develop  your Best Self so  the person you were always meant to be will emerge. 


  •  Happiness 360 Fearless Listening Campus   allows you to live your best life, curate those experiences and things that will support your journey.


  • In addition, the Fearless Listening Campus Methodology encompasses listening to promote civility. This highly engaging presentation tackles critical campus-related issues, such as creating a safe environment that appreciates, respects, and encompasses all demographics. It provides  strategies to empower students to share their unique voices in their various roles around campus, as they simultaneously benefit from a campus where their peers are doing the same.The Fearless Listening Campus Methodology support students and higher education stakeholders to build fearless listening campuses that address topics including:
    • Happiness 360: Diversity and Inclusion
    • Happiness 360: Me TOO
  •  Happiness 360: Glass ceiling
  • Happiness 360” LGBTQIA+ 





  • Participants will appreciate how engaging  kindness and inclusiveness best practices benefits them personally and academically


  • Participants will be able to articulate critical consequences and legal ramifications of lack of civility and its various forms can take, including hazing, harassment, sexual assault and cyberbullying.


  • Students will learn to the importance of fostering key partnerships with student groups and organization invested in creating an environment of kindness and inclusion where all students have a stake in campus life


  • Learners will develop 3 strategies to become Upstanders who stand up for inclusion and speak out against lack of campus kindness and understand their civic responsibilities.


  • Participants will learn 3 ways that  diverse backgrounds to find common threads of connection




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