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Mindful Media Entrepreneur:  Teller of Stories Typically Untold

Creator of the Happiness 360: Fearless Listening ™ Methodology

Using her unique insight into music, voice, and vibration, Traciana developed a process to leverage sound in order to produce results for living your best life and performing as your best self.

Traciana Graves is a native New Yorker who grew up between Harlem and Paris. She is the mother of a teenage son and a tea aficionado. Voted by The Huffington Post as one of “America’s Most Fearless Women,” for the work that she has done in leadership and workforce, and personal development, her insights are regularly featured on national media outlets. Traciana believes that “Using the unique power of our voice, we have the power to change the world.” Her belief has garnered her status as an internationally acclaimed vocalist (former background vocalist Celine Dion and six-time Grammy award-winners Steel Pulse), a motivational speaker, organizational development consultant, and a digital activist. As an extension of the deep work she has accomplished with leaders in the private and corporate sectors, she founded The Visionary Leader Network ™ (The VL Network ™)– a global media and training platform that facilitates Fearless Listening Leadership, Cultures, and Visionary Ventures to mindfully cultivate our best self, connect to our boldest possibilities, and manifest professional and personal actualization.

More profoundly, Traciana discovered how to leverage her practical experiences with the research she achieved during her academic tenure at the Sorbonne, Georgetown University, and New York University. This discovery is the foundation for her development of Happiness 360 and The Fearless Listening™ Methodology, a powerful process for unlocking the hidden human potential.


Traciana has seen, practiced, and facilitated the “power of voice,” which can shape a person, a community, and culture.  She believes that “We are all connected by breath. And through breath, music is our human ability to focus our intentions.”  Because of her significant experiences and beliefs, Traciana developed the One Sound On technique to create vocal connections through song, guided meditation, and story share. The technique leverages the power of community and fosters Fearless Listening Cultures and Fearless Listening Embodiment.

During One Sound On keynotes, town halls, and workshops, Traciana helps participants create powerful shifts in their personal narrative and interpersonal collaboration.Whether for work performance or personal living, these powerful townhalls facilitate a stronger, more inclusive workplace and personal culture.

Traciana is pleased to offer:

  • Fearless Listening: One Sound On Keynote
  • Happiness 360: One Sound On Workshop Intensives and Retreats
  • One Sound On Townhall Shares






Each Keynote and Workshop Retreat features Traciana’s One Sound On Format, guided Meditation, Sound, and Story Shares.

One Sound On Keynotes feature:

  • Guided Sound and Story Share that meets the specific goals of your company, institution, association, conferences, and group gathering
  • An opportunity for attendees to cultivate greater cultural competency and respect is essential for highly engaged teams.
  • Experiential activities help the audience to develop a community for deeper connection, collaboration, and networking.





Fearless Listening Leadership: How To Become A One Sound On Happiness 360 Leader 

In this interactive presentation, Traciana shares best practices for developing a blueprint for the foundational strategies to help leaders develop Fearless Listening Leadership necessary for building listening cultures. Participants will develop a comprehensive outline for how fearless listening leadership works and the need for the shift toward this style of leadership.


Fearless Listening Cultures: How to Create a Happiness 360 Culture & Teams

Traciana shares how executives, mid-level managers, and their teams can effectively become equipped with the knowledge and tools to begin building cultures that transcend the familiar “diverse and team-oriented” environments.  Learners are invigorated as they learn what it takes to develop a Fearless Listening Leadership Culture.


Listening and Including Voices That Aren’t Like Yours

Traciana’s timely keynote provides leaders with essential tools for learning to listen to, respect, and solicit diverse ideas and voices that are not like their own.  This training leverages the power of storytelling, as leaders gain more foundational knowledge in listening with the intent to understand. As many leaders have begun to embrace diversity and inclusion through action, we see top global leaders taking on the CEO pledge. They understand that this pledge requires a listening strength and an acknowledgment that conversations have to be addressed fearlessly with a sound follow-through of acting on what they learn.




Happiness 360 Personal Success

Traciana reveals essential Fearless Listening strategies and mind-shifts necessary to help you achieve greater personal and professional success for daily living. Attendees will discover how greater mindfulness, presence awareness, and a deeper connection to sources in everyday moments help elevate you to Living a Fearless Listening Life.

Rather than forging an uncharted path to discover possibilities and purpose, Fearless Listening leverages the secrets and blueprint for global success that are traditionally lost. We mindfully cultivate our best selves, connect to our boldest possibilities, and manifest professional and personal actualization (our purpose).







Happiness 360: One Sound On Workshop Intensives

Workshops can feature One Sound On Community Meditation, Sound, and Story Share.  These customized workshops are available for half-day, 1-day, 2-day, and up to 5-day intensives.

One Sound On Intensive Workshops can:

  • Vary in length from a half-day to 3-5 days 
  • Can be customized for your company’s specific needs to work in tandem with Traciana Graves’ Fearless Listening Leadership Cultures or Fearless Listening Personal Success Methodologies as well as your group or audience’s personal goals.
  • Afford leaders and their team members with a heightened understanding of how inclusive cultures benefit the productivity and innovation of every team.
  • Provides critical opportunities to create a long-lasting and authentic connection





Happiness 360 Fearless Leadership

Our workshops and keynotes address your Happiness 360 Fearless Leadership journey and focus explicitly on the most prevalent challenges in today’s society. We lean into three learning outcomes: Listening and Communication, Empowerment, and Relationship Building – all tethered to foundational principles. Traciana explains the “why” behind Fearless Leadership and its absolute tie to Happiness 360.


Happiness 360 Fearless Listening Cultures and Teams Listening and Leadership Cultures 101

By introducing critical elements of what it takes to create new team dynamics and cultures, we demonstrate how Happiness 360 plays a vital role. Participants will learn how to strengthen your Fearless Listening Leadership Skills in your personal and professional life in order to maximize productivity, retention, and innovation.


Diversity & Inclusion: Strength to Listen to Voices Unlike Your Own

The workshop creates a safe space for learners to hear more and say more about what they may believe has gone unheard, unnoticed, unappreciated, or undesired for so long. This training also leverages the power of storytelling, as leaders gain more foundational knowledge in listening with the intent to understand. Explore learning objectives like:

  • Identifying the greatest misconceptions about achieving optimal workplace tribes and multi-cultural collaboration
  • Learning best practices for appreciating and benefiting from each team member’s diverse perspectives, background, and culture, and
  • Finding the strength to listen to voices unlike your own





Creating Vocal Connections Through Song, Sound Meditation, and Story Share

Traciana Graves’ One Sound On technique integrates elements of the key timeline of global music, song, and vibrations. Through guided vocal connection, meditation, song, sound, and story share, One Sound On transcends language and our barriers, invoking our core connections. The One Sound On technique combines Fearless Listening and the power of voice, breath, story share, and sound. You can leverage this technique to transform the environment and cultures around you. Traciana Graves is pleased to offer the following formats:


One Sound On (2-Hour) Townhall: Experiences Creating Community Through Vocal Connection provide: 

  • Handpicked discussion topics curated from our, Editorial Calendar Topics for groups, organizations, and institutions
  • Holistic community and profound networking opportunities Interactive audience-driven discussion
  • Guided Sound Healing, Meditation, and Story Share


One Sound On TG in Concert features:

  • Traciana Graves in concert in acoustic or band formation
  • Healing through Sound



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