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How To Navigate the Intricacies of Change Management



This training prepares leaders and organizations to navigate the events resulting from or causing change in the workforce. Learning to embrace change and to meet it with well-defined strategies such as those offered in these courses gives organizations a competitive advantage for achieving competencies and recognition as a change agent. The training provides strategies and resources for improving business operations to remain competitive, employee performance and morale, innovative solutions and the ability to meet legal or regulatory compliance requirements.  


The Story:

Inevitably, 100% of organizations will experience some type of change, whether on a wide-scale that impacts the organization globally or on a smaller scale that impacts teams or individuals within the company. The ability to recognize the small, yet impactful details of change is essential to ensuring overall sustainability.


Various industries experience different levels of change.  Driven by factors such as regulatory and legal requirements, industries such as airline transportation, medical and public sector all have unique nuisances that must be met with effective outcomes.


Learning to drive change from within the organization is crucial to navigating the intricate details that will surface.  Change in the workforce requires building strong relationships and operating in a listening leadership culture to leverage those relationships. When viewed on a continuum of processes, organizational change can be lead by leaders who acknowledge and embrace the unique skills that require facilitation.


Training for managers and leaders will focus on:

  • Understanding leadership responsibility in communicating the purpose of change 
  • The benefits of mindset and positive thinking 
  • How to develop and leverage leadership listening skills to create buy-in and support (The art of persuasion)
  • How to build and maintain strong relationships to facilitate change
  • Communicating bottom-line impact (vision to reality)
  • Recognizing and avoiding common pitfalls


Training for the workforce will focus on:

  • The responsibilities of each role when it comes to implementing change
  • Creating cultures where employees, stakeholders and customers feel secure with change 
  • Mastering outcomes of unexpected or unanticipated change
  • Embarking on a change leadership journey for global recognition as a change agent
  • Sculpting internal beliefs and external behaviors to facilitate change


This training is available in a variety of customizable options. You can choose to give individual trainings to your employees and your managers. 

Employees (40 minutes) 

Managers (60 minutes)


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