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Listening and including Voices That Aren’t Like Yours ( Team Diversity/inclusion Training)



This timely training will provide the workforce with the critical tools for learning to listen to, respect, and solicit the diverse ideas and voices that are not like their own.  The training teaches individuals and teams to recognize the value of diversity and inclusion and to enhance that recognition with fearless listening as they begin to convey their needs, desires, and expectations to their leadership and others.  It empowers the workforce and arms them with the tools they need to ignite subsequent action.  This training will provide a stronger and deeper reflection of diversity and inclusion and incorporate the broadened scope as learners begin to understand the potential that each individual’s ‘full self’ contributes to the overall success of the organization. It affords attendees with a heightened understanding of how inclusive cultures benefit the productivity and innovation of every team. It will also guide attendees with greater cultural competency and respect that are essential for highly engaged teams. This training also leverages the power of storytelling and helps individuals and teams focus clearly on initiating clear discussions that produce results. 


The Story

We’ve all heard that ‘everyone has a story to tell.’ If you’ve ever wondered how impactful conversations about diversity and inclusion could be, all it takes is turning on the evening news. There are dozens of stories filled with success and others that seem to have a rainy cloud lingering over them. As we infuse fearless listening leadership into conversations, leaders may find that some conversations are difficult, taboo, or politically charged. 


Our goal is to encourage leaders to embrace these conversations by listening to those who bring value and diversity to the conversation, even when the totality of what they bring is different from the leader’s own initial perspective. For workforces, we also want to ensure that individuals feel confident and safe when they bring forth opinions, discussions, views and ideas that may be different from their leadership. We understand that everyone’s story is important, and we help leaders to discover the key factor in ensuring that the stories about diversity and inclusion become uplifting, motivational, and filled with success! 


Take for example Drew Brees, a quarterback with the NFL’s New Orleans Saints, whose primary role is to serve a football team using his talent, skill, abilities, and most of all his quick ability to respond to emergency situations that threaten the security, success, and safety of his team. Drew recently received ridiculing outlash for his response to the gruesome events surrounding the death of George Floyd. Drew’s series of comments focused on his view of what it means to respect the American Flag, the national anthem and those who have given or lost their lives to protect the freedom of so many.  In the renewed wake of the Black Lives Matter Movement (#BLM), and all of the outrage from his team members and others who felt compelled to confront Drew about his lack of empathy, listening, and overall understanding, Drew later recanted his statements, noting that he “missed the mark.” Essentially, a portion of the workforce rallied together to help deliver a message to Drew and to compel him to listen to and respect the voices that were unlike his own. Finding the courage to address the comments may have been difficult for some and seamless for others. Here we see a perfect example of what it means to listen fearlessly and also to take action. 


The training is designed to help workforces reach beyond the typical requests to be heard.  

  It is centered around inviting the diverse voices, ideas, concepts, and thoughts into the conversations and having the courage to embrace the totality of what each individual brings to the table.  


This training can be used for all employees and will be delivered in the form of online courses, podcasts, and multimedia docuseries.


Training for managers and leaders will focus on:

  • The definition and characteristics of diversity and inclusion
  • How diverse and inclusive workforces benefit their organization’s effectiveness in recruiting, hiring, retention, customer loyalty, and productivity
  • The critical role that diversity -inclusion play in leveraging anti-harassment, discrimination, and workplace bias programs.
  • How to conduct and inclusion-risk assessment in your organization and team 
  •  Best practices for creating diversity- inclusivity initiatives in organizations that are faced with non-inclusive teams
  • How to create a culture of safety and inclusion that is guaranteed to help your organization improve its workplace culture, inclusivity, and productivity
  • The greatest misconceptions about achieving optimal workplace tribes and multi-cultural collaboration
  •  Best practices for appreciating and benefiting from each team member’s diverse perspectives, background, and culture
  •  How to create a strong culture that is conducive to recruiting and retaining multi-cultural talent


This training is available in a variety of customizable options. You can choose to give individual training to your employees and your managers. 

Employees (40 minutes) 

Managers (60 minutes)


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