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Thank you for your interest in the One Sound On Technique. I am so glad that you are here!

I believe we are all connected by breath. And through breath, music is our human ability to focus our intentions through sound vibration to build empathy and create social connection.

Using music psychology and incorporating extensive research, I developed the One Sound On Technique. The technique interweaves song, music, story share, and vibration to create Fearless Listening Community and Embodiment. Research supports my beliefs that music is pleasurable and plays a key role in our mental and physical well-being. In fact, one study shows that music changes our brain circuits and gives us the ability to build empathy, trust, and cooperation.

Through guided vocal connection, meditation, song, sound, and story share, One Sound On transcends language and our barriers, invoking our core connections. You can leverage this technique to transform the environment and cultures around you. One Sound On also harnesses the power of community. We make the technique available in our customized learning communities, like:

    • One Sound On Healing Events
    • One Sound On Keynotes
    • One Sound On Workshop Retreats
    • One Sound On In Concert



Our One Sound On Experiences and Events leverage our Fearless Listening Methodology and One Sound On Technique. They feature visionaries who share candid, disruptive conversations for vanguard insights and resources. The process to grow and develop the company holistically focuses on organization leaders’ ability to absorb and nurture specific resources such as awareness, commitment, emotional intelligence, and more, allowing scaling organizations to maintain their prolific status. Our One Sound On Townhall Experiences & Events follows The VLNetwork editorial calendar, which curates Happiness 360 conversations.  The diversity in our event types allows attendees to engage in methods that resonate best with their preferred communication style and technique for building connections.


Our One Sound On Townhall Experiences & Events, offered in both in-person and virtual gatherings, allow our global community the opportunity to meet their immediate and connectivity needs. All of our personal development experiences and events are geared towards personal realization for your Happiness 360 journeys on all levels. We focus more pointedly on exploring the untapped potential and greater mindfulness while stressing the importance of self-awareness. Our One Sound On Experiences and Events also emphasizes helping individuals realize, develop and draw from their full selves.

Virtual Gatherings

  • Customized webinars
  • At-home summits
  • Townhall experiences

For information about our virtual gatherings and summits, click here.


In-Person Gatherings

In-Person One Sound On gatherings are available in Townhall Experiences, Healing Events, and Retreats. They include:

  • Handpicked discussion topics curated from our One Sound On Townhall Experience Calendar, specific to your organization, group, and institutions to meet your goals
  • Holistic community and profound networking opportunities
  • Interactive audience-driven discussion
  • Guided Sound Healing, Meditation, and Story Share





  • Guided Sound and Story Share that meets the specific goals of your company, institution, association, conferences, and group gatherings
  • An opportunity for attendees to cultivate greater cultural competency and respect that is essential for highly engaged teams
  • Experiential activities that help the audience to develop a community for deeper connection, collaboration, and networking



  • Can vary in length from a half-day to 3-5 days 
  • Can be customized for your company’s specific needs to work in tandem with Traciana Graves’ Fearless Listening Leadership Cultures or Fearless Listening Personal Success Methodologies as well as your group or audience’s personal goals
  • Afford leaders and their team members with a heightened understanding of how inclusive cultures benefit from the productivity and innovation of every team
  • Provide critical opportunities to create a long-lasting and authentic connection




Due to her extensive background and understanding of world music and its effect on communication, healing, connection, and personal development, TG has the ability to permeate listening barriers that typically go unnoticed during concerts.

One Sound On TG in Concert features:

  • Traciana Graves in concert in acoustic or band formation
  • Healing through Sound
  • An invigorating experience nonpareil















To book traciana :

  • (web icon) VLNetwork.com/Booking
  • ( email icon) Booking@VLNetwork.com
  • (phone icon)(914)-348-1899




Mindful Media Entrepreneur:  Teller of Stories Typically Untold

Creator of the Happiness 360: Fearless Listening ™ Methodology

Using her unique insight into music, voice, and vibration, Traciana developed a process to leverage sound in order to produce results for living your best life and performing as your best self.

Traciana Graves is a native New Yorker who grew up between Harlem and Paris. She is the mother of a teenage son and a tea aficionado. Voted by The Huffington Post as one of “America’s Most Fearless Women,” for the work that she has done in leadership and workforce, and personal development, her insights are regularly featured on national media outlets. Traciana believes that “Using the unique power of our voice, we have the power to change the world.” Her belief has garnered her status as an internationally acclaimed vocalist (former background vocalist Celine Dion and six-time Grammy award-winners Steel Pulse), a motivational speaker, organizational development consultant, and a digital activist. As an extension of the deep work she has accomplished with leaders in the private and corporate sectors, she founded The Visionary Leader Network ™ (The VL Network ™)– a global media and training platform that facilitates Fearless Listening Leadership, Cultures, and Visionary Ventures to mindfully cultivate our best self, connect to our boldest possibilities, and manifest professional and personal actualization.

More profoundly, Traciana discovered how to leverage her practical experiences with the research she achieved during her academic tenure at the SorbonneGeorgetown University, and New York University. This discovery is the foundation for her development of Happiness 360 and The Fearless Listening™ Methodology, a powerful process for unlocking the hidden human potential.


Traciana has seen, practiced, and facilitated the “power of voice,” which can shape a person, a community, and culture.  She believes that “We are all connected by breath. And through breath, music is our human ability to focus our intentions.”  Because of her significant experiences and beliefs, Traciana developed the One Sound On technique to create vocal connections through song, guided meditation, and story share. The technique leverages the power of community and fosters Fearless Listening Cultures and Fearless Listening Embodiment.

During One Sound On keynotes, town halls, and workshops, Traciana helps participants create powerful shifts in their personal narrative and interpersonal collaboration. Whether for work performance or personal living, these powerful townhalls facilitate a stronger, more inclusive workplace and personal culture.

Traciana is pleased to offer:

  •  Keynotes
  • Performance Wellness workshop intensives and retreats
  • Living Wellness Healing gatherings and retreats




Each Keynote and Workshop Retreat features Traciana’s One Sound On Format, guided Meditation, Sound, and Story Shares.

One Sound On Keynotes feature:

  • Guided Sound and Story Share that meets the specific goals of your company, institution, association, conferences, and group gathering
  • An opportunity for attendees to cultivate greater cultural competency and respect is essential for highly engaged teams.
  • Experiential activities help the audience to develop a community for deeper connection, collaboration, and networking.


Happiness 360: One Sound On Workshop Intensives are customizable and feature :

  • One Sound On Community Meditation, Sound, and Story Share
  • Half-day, 1-day, 2-day, and up to 5-day intensive formats
  • Immersive and reflective opportunities for participants to apply key sights into tangible next steps.





  Happiness 360 Leadership

In this interactive presentation, Traciana shares best practices for developing a blueprint for the foundational strategies to help leaders develop Fearless Listening Leadership necessary for building listening cultures. Participants will develop a comprehensive outline for how fearless listening leadership works and the need for the shift toward this style of leadership.


How to Create a Happiness 360 Culture & Teams

Traciana shares how executives, mid-level managers, and their teams can effectively become equipped with the knowledge and tools to begin building cultures that transcend the familiar “diverse and team-oriented” environments.  Learners are invigorated as they learn what it takes to develop a Fearless Listening Leadership Culture.


Listening and Including Voices That Aren’t Like Yours

Traciana’s timely keynote provides leaders with essential tools for learning to listen to, respect, and solicit diverse ideas and voices that are not like their own.  This training leverages the power of storytelling, as leaders gain more foundational knowledge in listening with the intent to understand. As many leaders have begun to embrace diversity and inclusion through action, we see top global leaders taking on the CEO pledge. They understand that this pledge requires a listening strength and an acknowledgment that conversations have to be addressed fearlessly with a sound follow-through of acting on what they learn.


Happiness 360 Personal Success

Traciana reveals essential Fearless Listening strategies and mind-shifts necessary to help you achieve greater personal and professional success for daily living. Attendees will discover how greater mindfulness, presence awareness, and a deeper connection to sources in everyday moments help elevate you to Living a Fearless Listening Life. Rather than forging an uncharted path to discover possibilities and purpose, Fearless Listening leverages the secrets and blueprint for global success that are traditionally lost. We mindfully cultivate our best selves, connect to our boldest possibilities, and manifest professional and personal actualization (our purpose).




To book traciana :

  • (web icon) VLNetwork.com/Booking
  • ( email icon) Booking@VLNetwork.com
  • (phone icon)(914)-348-1899





“Through music, we can all call to the ancestors and look to the unborn.”

Traciana Graves


Traciana Graves is a native New Yorker who sings and composes songs in French, Sanskrit, Spanish, Portuguese, Swahili, and English. Voted by The Huffington Post as one of “America’s Most Fearless Women,” Traciana is an internationally acclaimed vocalist, who has spent the past two decades performing and telling stories typically untold around the world through producing music and mindful media.  Whether performing at stadiums, festivals, or cathedrals throughout various continents, she has held fast to her mission to leverage the unique power of music to build cultural bridges between global audiences.

Traciana’s cross-cultural musical artistry began in her childhood. She spent her formative years as a global nomad growing up between Harlem, USA, and Paris, France.  In the process, she discovered the legacy of vocalists such as Josephine Baker, Edith Piaf, Nina Simone, Umm Kulthum, Krishna Dass, and Mariam Makeeba. As she immersed herself in these rich legacies, Traciana taught herself to play the guitar, explore songwriting, and to nurture her gift of vocal excellence. This foundation led Traciana to become a sought-after background singer for renowned talents like six-time Grammy Award-winning Steel Pulse, Celine Dion, Youssou N’ Dour, Andrew Lloyd Webber, and others.


As Traciana has pursued her mission of leveraging music to build cultural bridges that bring together a global audience, she has come to believe two things:


  • First, through music, we can all call to the ancestors and look to the unborn
  • Second, through music, we can derive a path of hope, inspiration, truth, and reflection that unites the best of who we are and can become




One habitually thinks of World Music as a term that covers all music that is not part of mainstream, popular, or classical music, and that has some kind of “ethnic” component. The term is used primarily as a marketing or classificatory device. It sometimes refers to any type of foreign music, especially in a foreign language.


Traciana’s music has been described as “a haven soaked in cultural originality, a cultural bridge bringing together a global audience.” Traciana skillfully merges the sounds of Africa, America, Europe, India, and the Middle East. There is a distinctive quality to her music that articulates more than just her individual journey and resonates with her listeners. It is a powerful and soulful vocal style that has brought her international acclaim. In the process, she has been praised for “redefining World Music.”



“Traciana’s songs come from a place of light and love. She is a special one.”

–National Project Director of the Songwriters

Hall of Fame and Lady GaGa’s first personal manager


“Traciana is a secret weapon. She brings both joy and light and [is] about uplifting the world.  She is a star. I think that Traciana Graves is one of the greatest classic divas that you are going to see in a very long while.”‘

-Lorraine Ferro staff writer at EMI and vocalist


“Traciana Graves has chosen to embrace a wide range of global musical influence focused through an extraordinarily powerful and sensual voice in imitation of no one. Her music gives voice to the joy and pain of living in a world beset with turmoil and conflict, and yet filled with beauty and the possibility of love.”


–Vernon Reid, Grammy Award-Winning Guitarist, Producer and Founder of Living Colour


‘Traciana Graves’ Say Something Beautiful is an incredible movement doing powerful work [because] I can’t say enough how important it is to end the muting of people and shutting down people’s vitality, confidence and dreams. We so deeply need to live in a different type of world where people live in vulnerability, openness, and kindness. I’m just so proud that One Billion Rising joined with Traciana’s Say Something Beautiful to create initiatives that do this work.”


-Eve Ensler, Author of The Vagina Monologues, Creator of One Billion Rising, and Founder of The City of Joy


“The transcultural, chakra-messaging music of Traciana traverses’ space, time, nations, and languages with a lyricism born of soul, swing, and spirit–surely the lingua franca of the triple goddess herself.”


-Greg Tate, Contributing Writer to VIBE Rolling Stone, The Village Voice, The New York Times &, Essence


“Traciana’s music is a refined yet moving example of the next wave in So-Called ‘World Music’.” In fact, she redefines the label and transcends it through her powerful songwriting and the brilliant production of her album.”

-Peter Lord, The Family Stand and Billboard Songwriter of the Year


“As Traciana sang like an angel… she had the crowd mesmerized. She is going to forever be the measuring stick by which they will judge all others in the future. How’s that for creating a legacy.”


-Bob Davis, co-founder of the award-winning Soul-Patrol.com


“They say that true art should take you to another place. An enjoyable and compelling album stirs repeated listening. Songs of a Prodigal Daughter by Traciana Graves is true art and will repeatedly do all of the above.”

-Christopher Rizik and SoulTracks, LLC



Traciana’ One Sound On Concert features:

  • Traciana Graves in concert in acoustic or band formation
  • Healing through Sound








To book traciana :

  • (web icon) VLNetwork.com/Booking
  • ( email icon) Booking@VLNetwork.com
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