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About TG



Welcome! I am so glad you are here. This is the story of me… 


The Story of Me In A Nutshell

The Elevator Pitch…

When people ask me “What’s your name?” in elevators and other places where elevator pitches are shared 🙂

I answer with “My name is Traciana Graves.”

How do you pronounce your first name correctly?” as they blink rapidly.

I invariably respond with, “My name is T-RAAAA -CEE– ANNA

To which they exclaim, “Oh like Tatiana with but with an “r” !”I’ve never heard of that name before!”

As I think to myself “that’s because I made my name up when I was in senior in high school filled with goals of international travels, stages, platforms– all  dreams I thought would only ever be improbable” (that’s a long story”

As they continue with attempts to pronounce my newfound name, “TRR, TTAAA, Traciana! What exactly do you do, Traciana?”

I respond  “I am a Mindful Media Creator who leverages her decades-long professional experiences of being a musician, author, designer, and founder of two lifestyle brands that produce content, courses, and products for human actualization.”


My Fuller Story


The Details.. (the blank spaces filled in between the Elevator Pitch)

My name is Traciana Graves  and I am Mindful Media Creator, which is a term I have  developed to encompass my decades-long professional experiences as:

  • A Veteran Musician: which includes my being a songwriter,  sound healing practitioner, and founder of One Sound On Technique.
  • An Academic The One Sound Technique and My Fearless Listening ™ Methodology leverage my practical experiences with the research I achieved during my academic tenure at the Sorbonne, Georgetown University, and New York University.
  • A thought leader on cultivating the power of  wellness and happiness:  which is what I write about as an author speak about at conferences, organizations, and institutions
  • A Designer: My One Cloth Collections are based upon clothing, accessories, and home decor since I have been designing since my earliest days of international touring decades ago.
  • Founder of Happiness 360 & TheVLNetwork, which produce courses, products, and media.


My Personal Core Manifesto

I have been voted by The Huffington Post as one of “America’s Most Fearless Women,” for the work I  have done with fortune 500 companies, the WNBA, hundreds of higher education institutions, shelters, and prisons, I have had the opportunity to share my expertise as a leadership strategist, workforce development consultant and potent coach.  My insights are regularly featured in national media outlets.

I have also fulfilled my quest as an internationally acclaimed vocalist (former background vocalist for Celine Dion and six-time Grammy award-winners Steel Pulse), a motivational speaker, and a digital activist.”


Ways To Connect With Me

I invite you to explore,

  • TG Speaking for more information about booking me as a speaker
  • TG Music for booking me for In Concert performances or One Sound On Healing Gathering.








My Bondafides

The One Sound Technique and My Fearless Listening ™ Methodology leverage my practical experiences with the research I achieved during my academic tenure at the SorbonneGeorgetown University, and New York University.


Musician and Sound Healing Practioner

As an internationally acclaimed vocalist, Traciana  has leveraged her extensive performance experiences to develop The One Sound On technique (which infuses her experience  as a songwriter and producer  with her training as a sound healing practitioner and reiki master.)  One Sound On is a wellness technique I have developed, that integrates the power of interactive gatherings that facilitate the sharing of songs, stories, guided meditation, breathe work, and sound healing in order to create holistic healing experiences Traciana incorporates the  One Sound On in her keynotes, workshops, healing gatherings, and retreats.



Traciana’s insights on workplace and personal wellness have been regularly featured in national media outlets. In addition, she is a renowned speaker who has shared her expertise on cultivating Happiness 360 in the places people work, live, and learn with hundreds of higher education institutions, corporations, prisons, and schools.


Thought Leadership 

Traciana’s academic foundation in language, linguistics, and international relations (Georgetown University and the Sorbonne) lead to her subsequent ongoing studies of leadership and personal wellness. Over the years, she has leveraged her research to develop The Fearless Listening Methodologies which provide holistic practical applications for the biggest challenges in organizational and personal development.



Traciana first began designing her performance evening gown collections, shoes, and jewelry during her international residences. She later expanded her designs to include daywear and interior design. These collections were inspired by the fabrics and stories she discovered during her international tours. Throughout the years as she continued to expand her designs for herself, fellow performers, and closely-knit clientele— she continued to work closely with artisans, tailors, and cultural historians for each collection- Traciana honed these skills. Many of these designs are the inspiration for her Happiness 360ne Cloth collections. For Traciana the stories, the traditions, and the legacy of the global stories she continues to feature as part of the voices typically unheard are interwoven into One Cloth lines.


Traciana’s commitment to creating Mindful Media that features voices typically unheard has been the foundation on which she founded two global lifestyle brands: Happiness 360 launching in September 2022 and The launching in 2023.  Each platform produces Mindful Media including content, products, and courses dedicated to nurturing personal and professional actualization.





Overview of The Happiness 360 Code

The Happiness 360 Code leverages Traciana’s Fearless Listening Methodology to offer laser strategies and micro activities for sustainable success. The Happiness 360 Code features generationally tested  wisdom  and scientifically-backed blueprints to:

  • regroup from hardships and setbacks to leverage lessons available for cultivating your best self
  • suffering less in times of suffering
  • unearthing greater purpose
  • co-creating hidden potential
  • producing unending possibilities




Overview Fearless Listening Methodologies


The Fearless Listening Methodologies (which will be released in late 2023 provide an in-depth examination and tools for profound self-exploration of your connecting with yourself to create untapped purpose, and possibilities in the relationship you have with yourself and others.


      • PURPOSE




Happiness 360 Keynotes, Courses, and Methodologies

The Happiness 360 Personal Success Code: A Guide to Your Intuitive Wellness Journey to To Regroup and Replenish Your Well-Being For Unprecedant Personal Success”

How to leverage the art of regrouping to nurture your best self with your highest self.

Understanding personal happiness and the lack thereof and the impact, How to Cultivate and Leverage the power of Happiness with practical application to regroup from setbacks and reconnect with your deepest potential to create your best self.

  • Healing (including removing negative energy and manifestation the power of quantum physics for the law of attraction)
  • Mindfulness- Delight
  • Self- Nourishment and self-care
  • Meditation
  • Intuitive living wellness



The Happiness 360  Team & Culture Code: Nourish Your Team: The way they produce, innovate and take care of themselves and one another

  • Understanding organizational happiness, and the relationship between integrating wellness cultures
  • Understanding the impact of not understanding happiness and its impact on burnout and employee resignation
  • How to Cultivate and Leverage the power of Happiness for greater retention and productivity
  • The art of revealing hidden potential from your teams and how to cultivate teams that tap into and inspire one another and the team from each person’s best self:
  • Wellness Cultures




The Happiness  360   Leadership Success Code: How to regroup and nurture your authentic and effective leadership to build a cult following.

How to leverage the art of regrouping to nurture your best self with your highest self for optimal vision, self-confidence, and purpose-driven leadership that creates a cult following

Understanding purpose-driven happiness and the lack thereof and the impact, How to Cultivate and Leverage the Power of Purpose Driven Happiness with practical application to future proof your leadership success.

  • Healing (including removing negative energy and manifestation the power of quantum physics for the law of attraction)
  • Mindfulness- Delight
  • Self- Nourishment


Three keys for future-proofing leadership success

Traciana reveals an essential blueprint featuring micro activities and strategies for cultivating mindfulness, self-confidence, and holistic wellness for more effective, authentic, and productive leadership in less than 20 minutes a day. Overcome burnout, challenges of hybrid workforces, and resignation.

Based on our Courses:

  • Self-Confidence
  • Positive Psychology, Mindfulness, and Presence Aware
  • Wellness
  • Five keys;
    • mindfulness
    • wellness, happy cultures (best practices for achieving this as leaders and instilling this in your team
    • flow and peaceful productivity
    • self-confidence for achieving purpose-driven servant leadership
    • destressing from adversity, conflict, and challenges




Happiness 360 Campus: How to Nourish Yourself and Your Students’ Self-Esteem & Self-Care For Greater Character Development, and Academic Success

  • Essential Wellness
  • Campus kindness to themselves and one another
  • Prevent Bullying & Incivility
  • Testing Anxiety
  • Testing Preparation
  • Happier and healthier students
  • Enhance Classroom Management
  • Delight- Mindfulness and Wellness
  • Fostering Self-Confidence
  • Sleep




Sprints include:

  • customized courses (each semester includes one course 3-6 months(
  • accountability from the group for daily/weekly assignments
  • expert sessions and guidance based on an area of focus
    • legal
    • Douala
    • executive leadership
  • monthly group coaching with your cohort.


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