Tips To Avoiding Loneliness For New Moms 

Tips To Avoiding Loneliness For New Moms 

by wikibajwa

Bringing a new person to this world is a blissful experience, and mommies forget all the pains when the little one grasps your finger tightly, right? 

Soon after, you start coming back to normal life and be happy. However, as soon as you enter home, the loneliness starts creeping in and it’s the most depressing experience. Some mamas have a hard time being happy and struggle with the inner turmoil that they are too afraid to share with someone else. So, are you ready to see how you can overcome the unhappiness and feel truly better?

1. Take Care Of Yourself 

As soon as we welcome the little ones into our lives, we put ourselves in the background – 90% of the mothers start feeling lonely and 54% feel friendless, and there are times when mommies don’t even get to shower. Truth be told, it can take a toll on mental well-being, but simple lifestyle changes can be extremely helpful and make you feel better, such as;

  • Try skipping the housework and concentrate on yourself for a while, i.e., do some skincare, wash your hair, or give yourself a blowdry 
  • Start going for a walk because nature can really heal you. In addition to walks, opt for early morning yoga to feel better 
  • Sign up for mindful meditation as it helps impart calmer feelings, leaving you to feel more energized and happier 
  • Nap when the baby naps because sleep is essential 

2. Spend Time With Your Partner 

67% of couples struggle with reduced relationship satisfaction after their first baby. Many mommies struggle to maintain a relationship with their spouse once they have a kid, which can actually lead to distance and unhappiness. This is because having the right bond with the husband improves social connection and emotional expression – it helps let out the bad feelings and improve the mood. 

For instance, you can start having movie nights when the baby naps and carve out some couples’ time in the bathtub. In addition to this, make sure that you are communicating with your partner to resolve the misunderstandings rather than letting them consume your happiness. In fact, if you feel like having sex, don’t stop yourself because physical affection can release happy hormones. 

3. Connect With A Support Group 

If you feel like talking to someone but feel like the other person won’t understand you, it’s best to join a support group for unhappy moms and confide in them. 

It will give you opportunities to share your feelings and confide in someone who understands you and offers non-judgmental support. The support groups are quite easy to find online, though! 

4. Choose Psychotherapy 

In addition to talking to other moms and making lifestyle changes, it’s best that you talk to a psychotherapist because your unhappiness might stem from extended postpartum depression. Psychotherapy is all about discussing your feelings and concerns with a certified doctor. 

The psychotherapist can help set the happiness goals that are manageable. The best thing about psychotherapy is that it enables and empowers you to become positive from within, promising better mental clarity and happier feelings. 

The excruciating loneliness of being a new mother

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