Title 3-5 steps to be happy / Community Blogs -Keywords

  • Title 3-5 steps to be happy / find/ create happiness during challenging times in your life—-It will be important to define what happiness and the pursuit of it actually is? and the benefits of following these steps. It will be important to make a list of the different types of challenges this article is included and list– why/how each challenge may make it seem that pursuing happiness is not worth it.
  • —These specific challenges to include are the following:

      • Heartache
      • Divorces-
      • Homesickness
        -IVF journey
        -Deciding to embrace being single
        -Hoping /looking to find your soul mate
        -Failure- wondering how to pick yourself up and is it even worth it? Do you even want to?
        -Being a parent (as a new parent feeling overwhelmed)
        -Being a working parent– feeling like there is no time for self-care
        – A leader facing pressure and responsibilities
        – Facing a setback that you have no idea how to overcome
        -Facing devasting pieces of news that you have to surrender to (health, finance, a child with special needs,)
    • xxxx
      -Perhaps we can group these into types of challenges with a section blurb before going into each one.
      -and maybe it may make sense to add ONE step to cultivating happiness for each group of challenges


how to find happiness during [challenge – ex. heartache]

creating happiness during [challenge]

finding happiness again after [challenge] / how to be happy again after [challenge]

how to be happy during [challenge]


PART ONE: We will do a 250-word blog for each type of each of the 14 subgroups. Then later you can do another 250-word blog for each subgroup. This will allow you to not have to spread yourself too thin and then build on the themes and ideas that you are creating for each subgroup.


PART TWO (TO BE DONE IN JULY OR AUGUST) We are going to create FOUR THEMED GROUPS that each has. May you reorganize to create 

  • ¬†FOUR blogs on the biggest challenges each type of the main grouping faces in understanding and cultivating happiness.
    • Personal Development
    • Professional Development
    • Relationships
    • Parenthood
  • Each blog should have a general overview and a specific section for each of the FOUR subgroups that goes into greater detail


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